Geopark Sobrarbe Pyrenees

Thanks to its exceptional geological heritage, the Sobrarbe region has been part of the UNESCO network of European Geoparks since 2006.  This organisation covers more than 100 territories worldwide with the aim of promoting and conserving geological, natural and cultural heritage as well as sustainable development.  

Countless hidden treasures of Sobrarbe’s history and past are locked away in its rocks: tales of the colossal forces of nature that crushed and folded the rock as if it were made of paper; the geological races between rivers and glaciers which gave the landscape around us its beauty; deep sea valleys that are now mountain peaks; oceans, rivers, lakes and glaciers long since disappeared or tiny animals transformed into fossils.

The Sobrarbe Geoparque takes us on another voyage of discovery, a trip back in time, a path through landscapes that have vanished forever but whose image has been recorded in the memory of its rocks.

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