Sobrarbe is ice climbing heaven! Below you’ll find the three “must-do” climbs, but we recommend that you consult the three classic guidebooks about ice climbing routes in our region if you would like to explore this activity in more depth. Obviously, it’s advisable to check the ice conditions before setting out on a climb.

The adventure sports companies are able to advise and assess, or even accompany you, so that you can enjoy your trip in complete safety.

Barrosa Circus – Vía Océano Pacífico

Pineta Valley – Vía la Sarra

Chistau Valley – Breve Divertimento


More information about these and other ice climbs in:


Guía de escalada en hielo en los valles de Bielsa

Iñaki Cabo. Ed Ayuntamiento Villa de Bielsa


Hielo Mixto y Nieve. Chistau y Benasque

Iñaki Cabo y Jonathan Larrañaga. Autoedición.



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