“Territorium Boletanum” (Beautiful land) as the Romans called it, was throughout history a strategic base from which the River Ara could be controlled. 

Up above the old quarter stand the ruins of an 11th century castle with a hexagonal shaped tower and a walled area. You can take an easy foot path, for around 20 minutes, up to the castle from the village.

It’s well worthwhile wandering around the old town and getting lost in its labyrinth of steep narrow streets. Boltaña boasts the largest old quarter in the Pyrenees: enchanting nooks and crannies appear between the houses which themselves are excellent examples of local architecture. The 16th century church, dedicated to Saint Peter the apostle, is in gothic style and was built on the foundations of another church dating from before the 13th century. It houses the fine wooden choir seating from the Royal monastery at San Victorián. 

The nearby valley of Sieste, a quiet, hidden village with river pools and good swimming is also worth a mention. You could also go up the Nabain peak (also known as Santa Marina), a walk of around 2 hours that starts in the hamlet of Ascaso, famous for its sun dial.

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