Bielsa Carnival

The month of February is the month to let it all out! Carnival, the most popular Fiesta in the Pyrenean valleys, arrives with its costumes and rituals steeped in ancient symbology. The Bielsa Carnavals are some of the most original and popular in the Pyrenees. Every year hundreds of visitors descend on this small village in the upper stretches of the Cinca to take part in this legendary event with its folkloric characters. 

The “tranga” is perhaps the most iconic of them all. The villages’ single young men assume the role of these half man half male goat characters and scare both young and old whilst chasing the girls. Another character is the onso or bear, who is lead by his tamer. In contrast to these animal-like figures are the madamas, young Bielsa girls wearing beautiful light coloured dresses with coloured ribbons symbolising their purity.  

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 Bielsa carnival

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