Sobrarbe Carnivals (Torla, La Fueva, Nerín, San Juan de Plan)

Carnival is one of Sobrarbe’s most celebrated fiestas taking place in the month of February.

The most famous of them all is the  Bielsa Carnaval .

Here are some others that merit a mention:

In the Valley of Chistau, the festivities stretch over several weekends to make sure the magic reaches all its villages. The Carnival icon is a life size straw man who visits all the villages and ends up being judged.

In the valley of La Fueva, an itinerate Carnival starts early in the morning and lasts all day. Accompanied by a lively band, the party moves from one village to another with its masked and costumed revellers.

In Torla, the “Carnabal” accused of all the village’s wrong doings isn’t a straw man but a real member of the community who is lead through the streets in chains until he is judged in the middle of the village square.  

In Nerín, the straw man is known as Carnuz who also receives a sentence after judgment by the villagers.  

Video of Bielsa and Torla Carnivals:

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