Dolmens of Sobrarbe : Tella and Biello Sobrarbe

The Tella Dolmen


The Tella Dolmen, also known as the Vasar stone or the “Losa de la Campa”, is located just to the north east of the village of Tella. Up along the road leading to Tella in the Valley of Bielsa, you’ll find the Dolmen. It’s a small simple structure that sits in an idyllic spot among meadows and farm fields surrounded by the gulleys and valleys that were associated with supernatural powers in times gone by.  


The Dolmenes of Biello Sobrarbe: The Almazorre Dolmen, the Arcusa Dolmen and the chapel of  Paules de Sarsa

It’s worthwhile going round Biello Sobrarbe’s Dolmens and getting a feel for how important megalithic art is in the area.  There are also a couple stone circle sites or cromlechs, though their access and visibility are poor.

The Biello Sobrarbe dolmen route

Sobrarbe dolmens video





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