Escalona and the municipality of Puértolas

Escalona is the largest village in the municipality of Puértolas. Its location is of great significance as being at the gateway to the Cañón de Añisclo on one side and the Gargantas de Escuaín on the other.

It is situated at the confluence of the Rivers Cica and Bellós and is an excellent starting point for several excursions and walks.
The following villages within the Puertolas municipality are worth a visit:

  • Escuaín

Escuaín is a pretty village from which you can enjoy a lovely walk along the viewpoints which surround it. It’s the starting point to get to know the iconic Gargantas de Escuaín and the source of the River Yaga.

  • Puyarruego

Puyarruego is a quiet picturesque village. It’s well known for its famous river pools in the Bellós.

Belsierre, Puértolas and Bestué all have fascinating traditional features. Other villages in the municipality like Muró de Bellós are abandoned and,  for this reason alone,are well worth a visit.       

Photos:  Belsierre Church tower and Bestué chapel


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