The Navatas and Wood museum – Laspuña

A museum in the roof space of the town hall.

A permanent exhibition of tools and objects used in woodwork and in the extraction of timber. There are also models of various different types of Navatas (rafts) and a collection of objects put together by the Navateros Asociation during their national and international events.

Open in July, August and holiday periods for the rest of the year.


Also of interest:

The Navatero Eco-museum  

A path down to the River Cinca from Laspuña with explanation panels outlining the process involved in building a Navata, ending with a full scale model of a Navata mounted on a river stone platform.

Open from Mon-Fri all year from 19:00h-21:00h 


Nature and traditions visitors centre (Ceresa)

Open only in summer from mon-fri 19:00h-21:00h and via prior arrangement the rest of the year.

To arrange a visit to any of these museums, call the Laspuña town hall. Tel. 974 50 50 02

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