The Pedro Buil Mill Ethnological Museum – Paules de Sarsa

This flour mill is half way along the road between Paúles de Sarsa and Sarsa de Surta, on the right bank of the River Vero. It has always belonged to Casa Pedro Buil (now Casa La Joya) in Sarsa de Surta, hence the name. In 1971 the mill stopped working but in 1990 a resident of Paúles bought it and granted its use to the “Friends of the Nuez Sanctuary” Asociation for conversion into a museum of ethnology. Today a great number of tools that were used traditionally are on display: they include ploughs and sowing devices as well as parts of the bread making machinery.

Information: Wikiloc

Pre-arranged visits. 974 34 31 32 (Raúl Giral)

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