The Sobrarbe Paleontology museum – Lamata

The museum is housed in a new building of 140mts squared built on the remains of an old house. Though as yet not officially inaugurated, you can visit by previously arranging an hour and date.  



There are some remarkable exhibits, some of which are unique: the Susía sea cow, the Lamata crocodile, the Abizanda femur, turtles, mammal teeth and jaws, all on show in six display cases.

Invertebrates and plants.

The museum has a great variety of fossilized invertebrates sorted into groups over 11 displays. Plants, being harder to come by, only occupy one display but are of great scientific interest.


Two of the displays contain stone, pottery and metal relics found in Sobrarbe, dating from different times starting with the Paleolithic age up to modern day. You can learn about the historical evolution of stone tools and ceramic objects.  

Nearly all the fossils are from the Eocene epoch, from the so-called Sobrarbe delta.

Visits to the museum to be previously arranged either by email or by phone 649683498

Entrance fee: 2,50€
Children 5 to 10: 1€
Children under 5 : Free

The Sobrarbe Paleontology museum video



Más información: Blog del Museo Paleontológico de Sobrarbe


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