Where the Rivers Cinca and Barrosa meet, and just a stone’s throw from the French border is Bielsa, one of Sobrarbe’s most historic villages. The facade of the town hall (16th century) is one of the only examples of renaissance art in that area. The rest of the village was almost completely rebuilt after the bombings it suffered during the Civil war. In fact the Ethnology Museum commemorates one of the hardest events this community has ever endured, “La Bolsa de Bielsa”, through images, documents and historical objects.  

If there’s one Fiesta that stands out from the rest, it has to be the Carnaval of Bielsa, one of Spain’s oldest, which was not even stopped by the terrible events of the war. 

To really get to know this area you have to explore its villages, its culture, and its valleys; Pineta, Barrosa, Trigoniero, Pinarra, Ruego and the Puerto Viejo pass.  Charming little enclaves, most of them rarely visited, are there for you to discover and enjoy, while surrounded by nature and peaceful mountains. 

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