“La Falleta” and the Chistabin Day of Culture

Every year at summer solstice towards the end of June (23 and 24), San Juan de Plan celebrates the Chistabin Day of Culture and the “Falleta” race.

This is a highly interesting ethnological event in which visitors can see traditional costumes and dances from the valley and take part in a community meal with music and lots of fun.

 The Falleta race takes place on the night of San Juan. The neighbours all congregate at dusk and head up to the “Planeta La Falla”. Once there, they eat and drink until nightfall, at which moment they light up flaming torches and start walking down to the village in single file. The vice mayor leads the procession and the town bailiff brings up the rear. So a fiery trail can be seen snaking its way down hill. On arrival at the river, the participants get together and then take part in a race to the cemetery where the first to arrive with their torches still burning are named the winners, the torches are then thrown into a bonfire. This ancient tradition is called “La Falleta”.    (source www.turismosobrarbe.com)



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