Snow shoe walks are an alternative to hiking in the winter, that way you can keep on enjoying the splendid landscapes and trails on offer whilst in a Christmas wonderland environment.

It’s a fun and entertaining activity suitable for all ages and abilities, including small children.

Below is a selection of snow shoe walks classified according to difficulty so that you can choose the ones most suitable for your level and requirements.

The aventure sports companies can rent out all the necessary equipment, and even accompany you, to ensure that you enjoy your walk in complete safety.


1-Easy routes:

These routes are family friendly and are not difficult in any way. Consider carefully the duration of the route if you are going with small children in order not to tire them out too much, and to be sure of a good day out for everybody.

Barrosa Circus Route

This itinerary makes use of one of the main old communication routes between Bielsa and France. The path follows the formerly glacial Barrosa valley.

It’s an impressive and dramatic walk. It starts off as a winding track, which passes below the mining pulleys for the Parzan mines. There are information boards which explain the mining history of the area along the way. The path then continues into the valley and, leaving the river behind on the right hand side, gently slopes up until you reach the Barrosa shelter.

The shelter is at the foot of the “3000s”: Robiñera, La Munia and Troumouse. It’s a breathtaking location.

It’s an easy, short trip particularly recommended for those who have never snow-shoed before.

Espierba-Comodoto Route

The start of this interesting circular trail is in the small village of Espierba, which is accessible by road. Parking can be found in the upper part of the village.
Where the road ends, a forest track continues, which goes up to the Collado de Espierba or the Estiva.
Take the Collado de Espierba. You can carry on along the track or take little shortcuts, which are marked by stones, in order to avoid the long hairpin bends on the track.

When you arrive at the Collado de Espierba, you then leave the track and get onto the crest which comes off Comodoto. Keep on following the line of the crest towards the NW in order to reach the Tozal Blanco without too much effort.
Passing the Tozal Blanco, there’s a short descent and then you cross the Llanos del Dué to immediately take the ridge which, now in sharp ascent, leads you up to the summit of Comodoto. From there you have stunning views of the Pineta Valley.
Return by the same route.

Pineta – Llanos de Lalarri Route

Take the forest track from the car park, which follows the Pineta ledge towards the bridge over the River Cinca and onwards, continue along the track, until the shelter at the foot of the La Larii valley (1560m). From there, you can carry on until the end of the valley and the La Larri gulley.

The entire north face of the Monte Perdido massif can be admiredon this trail.
You can return by the same forest track, or take the GR11 which is signed by the red and white marks and which goes down to the left, through the woods, ending up at the Pineta chapel.

The option of taking the GR11 up to Llanos de La Larri is safer if there is a lot of snowfall.


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